A project by:
Michal Rinott & Michal Rothschild with Leor Weinstein

Laughing swing
is an interaction between a person and a swing. It looks like a simple, regular swing. When you sit on it, it chuckles. As you swing, it laughs, and the higher you go, the harder it laughs. At the peak swinging it is laughing wildly.

The swing connects the experience of movement with the experience of laughter. It is a cycle: the person, by swinging, makes the swing laugh, and this laughter causes the person to laugh back.

Laughing Swing contains technological components, but it is not a technological object. It is used exactly as a regular swing, with technology adding a new aspect. The result is a fantastic experience that can reduce stress and anxiety. The swing’s laugh was chosen after auditioning a variety of different “laughers”.

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